To Change or to Re-key? That is the Question

Many times we receive calls from customers who are need of residential and commercial locksmith services. Whether they’ve just moved into a property, have just signed on a new tenant, or have let an employee go, lock and key assistance is a must. There’s nothing more unsettling than feeling as though your home or business is not as secure as it should be. To help obtain optimal security we recommend getting your locks changed or re-keyed. We find that when our customers call in for lock services there is a bit of confusion as to which is the best choice to make between a lock change and a re-key service. While these services are similar and both boast promoting your property’s security, there are some striking differences between the two.

What is a Re-Key Service?

re-key lock miamiA rekey service is one where the technicians will rearrange the pins within your existing lock. This rearrangement causes the old key you had for the lock to no longer operate it. In order to do a re-key service our residential and commercial locksmith technicians require you to have the existing key for the lock. Upon completion of the re-key service your lock will now accept a new key and the old one will be unable to unlock or lock your door. Many people who move into apartments prefer to get a re-key service because it keeps all the existing hardware on the door, but still provides the security feature of knowing no one else has access to keys for your home. At American Best Locksmith, we recommend getting locks re-keyed or replaced any time you move into a new property, for the sole fact that you can never truly know who has access to the old keys to your property.

Is a Lock Change Better Than a Re-Key?

lock re-key and change miamiWe wouldn’t say a lock change is necessarily better than a re-key service, but in some instances it may be the best choice to make. When you get a re-key service, all the existing hardware stays on the door so we cannot change the security features of your lock by executing a re-key service. For example, if you wanted to upgrade to a higher-security lock for your business than the best choice to make is to get a commercial lock change service. Our commercial locksmith technicians travel throughout Miami and the surrounding areas in mobile service units filled with a wide variety of locks for you to choose from. You can always count on American Best Locksmith in Miami to help you make the safest lock and key choices.

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