Troubleshooting Ignition Issues

As car owners, we face a great deal of expenses on a regular basis regarding the upkeep of our vehicles. From inspections, to registrations, general repairs, insurance coverage, the list is endless. One of the most sudden and unexpected vehicle expenses would have to be the dreaded ignition change. There’s not much that compares to the devastation and aggravation that accompanies finding yourself in need of ignition repair or replacement services. Imagine getting ready for work one morning, packing up your things, walking out to your car, opening the door with no issue, and then finding you cannot get the key to turn over in your ignition. That’s enough to drive any sane person mad. At American Best Locksmith in Miami, we know how important it is to keep your wheels on the road, so we have a team of ignition repair and replacement specialists always ready to assist you. You can also check out the following tips to troubleshoot any issues.

1) Check the Car is in Park

car in park ignitionSometimes, when you’re experiencing issues with your vehicle, it can end up being something as simple as your vehicle actually not being in park. When you shift your vehicle out of park it makes it so that the key cannot be removed whilst the car is in motion. When you experience a key stuck in the ignition scenario always check to be sure the car is in park before you panic and assume you need an ignition repair or replacement service.

2) Ensure You’re Using the Correct Ignition Key

If you find that your key is not going into your ignition smoothly or that it suddenly won’t turn the first thing you should do is check to be sure that you’re using the correct key. Always ensure you’re using the right key for your vehicle. If you didn’t have a problem before, after using a key for a different car or for a house lock, you definitely will.

3) Be Sure Everything is Working on Your Car

empty gas tankSometimes what we think is an ignition problem can actually turn out to be something as simple as a dead battery or even not having any gas in your car. One thing to always remember when you suspect that you have a problem with your cylinder is that usually your key will not be able to turn at all. If your key is able to turn but the car still doesn’t start, it’s very rare that that will end up being an ignition issue as opposed to a mechanical problem.

4) Call a Local Miami Auto Locksmith Company

Once you’ve gone through all the steps above, if you’re still experiencing issues with your ignition, it’s time to get a professional auto locksmith involved. You can count on American Best Locksmith around the clock for any of your auto lock and key woes. Our mobile service technicians are equipped with all the tools and materials needed to perform a wide range of ignition repair and replacement services. They’ll come right out on site and begin troubleshooting and resolving any ignition problems you may be experiencing.

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